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For News Review on 2 Oct 2018

Abortion referendum in IrelandAbortion referendum in Ireland

by Simon Belt


Last week the referendum on the 8th amendment to Ireland's constitution voted by a sizeable majority to repeal it. The details of how abortion in Ireland have yet to be finalised, but it looks like Ireland will begin to allow abortion for women under some circumstances in a year or two. This is great news for women in Ireland, women in general and the democratic process.


It's good to see direct democracy have such a positive outcome, after so many who didn't agree with the outcome of the Brexit referendum recently griped at the role of the electorate in politics. So what are the trends at play here? There is something of a spotlight being shone on Northern Ireland and how that's now out of step with the rest of the UK in terms of abortion rights for women. How does this sit with regional autonomy and devolution to be respected?

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