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First Tuesday current affairs discussion - Tuesday 3 October 7:00pm start

Tuesday 3rd October: First Tuesday Current Affairs discussion

We'll discuss a couple of topical issues

Public discussions and debate in Manchester
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CLR James in Trafalgar SquareEvery Cook Can Govern

September 2017


The Manchester Salon was delighted to host the Lancashire premiere of Every Cook Can Govern – the first feature-length documentary to explore the life, writings and politics of the great Trinidad-born revolutionary C.L.R. James who died in Brixton in 1989.


This unique screening was at Texture, 67 Lever Street, Northern Quarter, Manchester M1 1FL with producers Fraser Myers and Marisa Pereira answering Questions afterwards.

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Recent Discussions

Developing a post-Brexit economic strategy

April 2017

Phil Mullan and Mindy Gofton introduced a discussion on how to transform the zombie economy

Phil MullanIn January this year the Conservative Government launched its ‘modern’ industrial strategy to make Britain fit for the twenty-first century. Many welcomed the fine words about the government ‘stepping up to a new, active role’ to raise productivity across every sector and in every corner of the country. This focus on productivity is well justified and long overdue. Increasing what each worker can produce in the same time is the only durable source for increasing people’s living standards. Britain’s productivity remains at pretty much the same level it had reached in 2007 and is well below that of most of its developed competitors. There is much to be done.

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Recent Discussions

Incomes: how best to raise them?

March 2017

Dave Clements introduced a discussion on how best to raise incomes today


Dave ClementsIt has been many decades since major disputes over wages were headline news in Britain. Whilst wages may not be contested through the industrial battles of the past, they are certainly never far from public pronouncements by public bodies today. There is a plethora of talk about minimum wages, living wages, unconditional basic incomes, even capping wages for high earners. Why is there such interest in regulating incomes in one way or another, and who benefits from each one?

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Recent Discussions

Northern Soul

Canal St

Northern Soul and Canal St welcome their friends to get together for a chat, to mingle, drink and eat on Thursday 23rd February at The Grill on the Alley, 5 Ridgefield, Manchester, M2 6EG

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Recent Discussions

Battle of Ideas Satellite event: Debating Matters Debate Doping in Sport

Debating Matters Battle of Ideas Showcase Debate:

"We should permit the use of performance enhancing drugs in sport"



Hutton Church of England Grammar School, Preston


Loreto College, Manchester


This is a showcase debate on drugs in sport in partnership with the National Football Museum



In partnership with the National Football Museum and the Manchester Salon, we delighted to be staging a one-off debate - part of the years Battle of Ideas festival - on the very topical issue of drugs in sport.

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Recent Discussions

Selection in education

From Grammar schools to assaults on academic freedom:
what is the future of education?

October 2016

Dr Joanna Williams opened a discussion on how to defend academic freedom today, chaired by Pauline Hadaway


Theresa May wants to bring back grammar schools and the 11-plus. Universities are being squeezed between the state and the student consumer. The Prevent scheme, aimed at tackling radicalisation in schools and HE, threatens academic freedom and teacher autonomy. What is the future of education?


Education is once again in the front line of 'bring-backery'. Theresa May's plan to bring back grammar schools has struck horror into an educational establishment which has struggled for more than half a century to abolish the 11-plus exam. Whatever next? Rote-learning, blackboards and chalk, gowns and mortar boards, the cane and the strap? Tony Blair declared education the top three priorities for New Labour and targets, league tables and parental choice came to dominate the world of teaching.

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