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First Tuesday current affairs discussion - Tuesday 4 October 6:45pm start

Tuesday 4th Oct: First Tuesday Current Affairs discussion

Discussing Populism in politics (Mike Pritchard) and another topical issue (Simon Bailey)

Public forum for engaging and debating ideas
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Selection in education

Defending academic freedom

Monday 10th October 2016, 6:45pm start

Joanna Williams and others will open a discussion on how to defend academic freedom today


Education has long been a hotly contested topic in society because of the way class determines outcome. Targets, league tables and parental choice have been the watchwords since Tony Blair made education the top 3 priporities for New Labour. Higher education has similarly been opened up to greater scrutiny and meddling, with the expansion of further and higher education from the 1980's onwards and partly a consequence of students paying tuition fees.

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Salon Discussions

Surviving Abuse

Surviving abuse: are we all survivors now?

November 2016

Ken McLaughlin, Barbara Hewson and others will open a discussion on being a 'survivor' today


The Jimmy Saville scandal and subsequent allegations of establishment cover-ups of other instances of sexual has meant led to calls from the media, campaigners and politicians to find out the full extent of the problem. High profile police investigations such as Operation Yewtree and Operation Midland were set up to investigate allegations against both individual celebrities and alleged VIP-paedophile rings respectively, with the former leading to the convictions of several high-profile figures such as Rolf Harris, Stuart Hall and Max Clifford. However, there were also accusations of the police acting on flimsy evidence, often on the word of one complainant, into accusations that dated back years if not decades leading to calls for a more considered view before allegations led to arrests.

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Battle of Ideas 2016Battle of Ideas

Saturday 22 and Sunday 23 October

The Battle of Ideas festival, currently being held at the Barbican in London, was initiated by the Institute of Ideas 12 years ago to encourage free thinking and open-ended public discussion, and is supported by a wide range of partners. The Battle of Ideas festival comprises 400 speakers at 75 debates and satellite discussions confronting society’s big issues and unresolved questions. It affords the opportunity for some clear thinking, rational debate and agenda-setting - above all, it's future-orientated, whilst retaining a healthy regard for the past achievements of humanity.


Inspired by the Institute of Ideas, the Manchester Salon will hopefully be organising a couple of satellite events as part of this year's Battle of Ideas.

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Salon Discussions

The AcademyUniversity as it should be

The Academy 2017

University as it should be: two-day summer school for anyone interested in studying ideas.

July 2017, Wyboston Lakes, Great North Road, Wyboston, Bedfordshire MK44 3AL

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Salon Discussions

School's Out

School's Out for Summer

August 2017

Alice Cooper's song 'School's Out', released in 1972, captured the angst of a generation yearning for freedom, and later expressed by Pink Floyd's Another Brick in the Wall, whose target was the education system but expressed a wider generational kick against the system. So how do today's generation see the end of the school year?



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