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Angela Nagle: Kill All Normies - Saturday 4 November 2:00pm start

Sat 4 Nov 2017: Battle of Ideas Manchester

Alt-right activism and identity politics, discussion with Angela Nagle and others on two pressing subjects

Public forum for engaging and debating ideas
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Salon Discussions

Kill All NormiesBattle of Ideas Manchester:

Alt-right activism and identity politics

Saturday 4th November 2017

Produced byInteract MCR Interact MCR in association with the Manchester Salon as a Battle of Ideas satellite event.


First discussion is Dr Cheryl Hudson and Angela Nagle introducing Angela Nagle's Kill All Normies: The Alt-Right and Online Activism, chaired by William Ballantyne

Second discussion is Kwame Amoah Mensah, Angela Nagle and Ella Whelan introducing 'Identity Politics: A New Culture War', chaired by Hilary Salt

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Battle of Ideas 2017Battle of Ideas

Saturday 28 and Sunday 29 October

The Battle of Ideas festival, currently being held at the Barbican in London, was initiated by the Institute of Ideas 12 years ago to encourage free thinking and open-ended public discussion, and is supported by a wide range of partners. The Battle of Ideas festival comprises 400 speakers at 75 debates and satellite discussions confronting society’s big issues and unresolved questions. It affords the opportunity for some clear thinking, rational debate and agenda-setting - above all, it's future-orientated, whilst retaining a healthy regard for the past achievements of humanity.


Inspired by the Institute of Ideas, the Manchester Salon is in association with Interact MCR who are producing a satellite event as part of this year's Battle of Ideas.

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Salon Discussions

Swearing in public

Incivility: are official rules the answer?

January 2018

Josie Appleton and others will open a discussion on the rise of the tick-box, tut, tut state and the threat it poses to civil society

The busybody state is a concept that begins from people’s everyday experience encountering the new official in public spaces. This everyday experience is embodied in a genre of YouTube videos in which cyclists, photographers or buskers are shown locked in a dispute with a badged official who is seeking to prevent them from continuing with their activity. The busybody’s intervention appears as unnecessary and unreasonable; the busker’s recalcitrant response as a defence of the essential legitimacy of free public action.


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Salon Discussions

The AcademyUniversity as it should be

The Academy 2018

University as it should be: two-day summer school for anyone interested in studying ideas.

21st-22nd July 2018, Wyboston Lakes, Great North Road, Wyboston, Bedfordshire MK44 3AL


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